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Latest Releases of all ScopServ packages
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ScopServ Realtime Monitor

Oct 2019
  • [XS] Fix integration with Call Parking groups.
  • Categories: IP-PBX

    ScopServ Telephony Server

    Oct 2019
  • [XS] Server NAME for the moment
  • [ES] Add verification of enabled extension
  • [XS] debug - server test
  • [ES] Add test for pbx url
  • [XS] debug - config server
  • [XS] debug - config server test
  • [XS] Send to admin ?
  • [XS] debug - test var dump
  • Categories: IP-PBX

    ScopServ Reports (ScopStats)

    Oct 2019
  • [XV] Fix call recording icon in ACD Calls Details.
  • [XB] Fix javascript error in ACD detailled calls report.
  • Categories: IP-PBX

    ScopServ Network and Firewall

    Oct 2019
  • [XS] More compatibility fix with CentOS 7 on the Firewall script.
  • Categories: IP-PBX

    ScopServ Server Management

    Oct 2019
  • [XS] Fix an issue with upgrade scripts and repos when using CentOS 7.
  • Categories: IP-PBX

    ScopServ Core

    Aug 2019
  • [XS] Fix an issue when enabling service on server boot (startup) when the service is not referenced in any runlevel.
  • [XS] More CentOS 7 compatibility fixes.
  • Categories: IP-PBX