Open Source VoIP System Integrator

Eyepea is a VoIP (Voice over IP) system integrator building solutions around Open Source platforms such as Asterisk, sipX, OpenSIPS etc.

We offer our solutions and services to enterprises, administrations and service providers throughout Europe.

The solutions we provide differentiate from traditional vendors in 3 ways:

  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Richness of functionality
  • Integration possibilities

Low Cost of Ownership:

The hardware we use is standard server hardware from companies like HP or Dell and not expensive proprietary hardware from traditional PBX or Contact Centers vendors. Additionally, we deploy a lot in fully virtualized server environments. Finally, the software we use is mostly license-free as opposed to most vendors that charge you for every extension/seat/option.

Richness of functionality:

Comparing the flexibility, extensibility and power of an Open Source VoIP Solution with a traditional PBX or contact center solution is somewhat akin to comparing a personal computer with a calculator. Our solutions offer an extremely advanced set of features only available in outrageously expensive systems.

Integration possibilities:

The solutions we offer are completely open and their core is based on IT standards rather than telephony standards. Their integration with other applications within your company (CRM, ERP, Directory, database...) offers an incredible richness of functionality.

Eyepea is your partner and guide to the exciting possibilities of VoIP. Please contact us today to learn how Open Source and VoIP can save you money and make your operation more efficient in ways traditional systems simply cannot.