Migrating from Cisco Call Manager to Asterisk

May 2012

Cisco - Asterisk

Over the past few years, a large number of companies and organisations have equipped themselves with Voice over IP (VoIP) based on the Cisco Call Manager solution. Cisco has proved that it has very good products, but the VoIP market has undergone many changes over recent years and low-priced and highly flexible solutions have begun to appear.
Among them, the Open Source Asterisk software (www.asterisk.org) has become very well known and is now one of the most widely used solutions in the world.
Asterisk is a very rich alternative to Call Manager and is perfectly able to replace it completely as in the real example detailed below.

The reasons for the success of Asterisk in Cisco environments:

  • no licence or maintenance costs;
  • very rich functionalities;
  • ease of integration with other company applications (ERP, CRM, directories etc.);
  • very IT-oriented solution which can be deployed in the company infrastructure (for example in a virtualised infrastructure);
  • ease of migration as it can be phased and allows Cisco telephones to be retained

The case downloadable below is that of a large Belgian administration: the Administration of the Province of Luxembourg.

migration_cisco_call_manager_asterisk_en.pdf566.27 KB
migration_cisco_call_manager_asterisk_nl.pdf571.41 KB
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