At Eyepea we know that Partnerships are key to mutual success. We provide several types of Partnerships in order to best serve the market. To become an Eyepea Partner, please contact us or send an email to: partner [at] eyepea [dot] eu

Sales Partners

  • Lead Partners Companies that bring us qualified leads but don’t do the sale nor any installation or maintenance. They get a finder’s fee which is percentage of the sale.
  • Reselling Partners Companies that are active into a specific niche (technology, geography, vertical or other) and resell our solutions to their customers.
  • Integration Partners Companies that embed our products into a larger solution and act as prime contractor. These companies are usually hardware and/or software integrators.

Finance Partners

Finance Partners act as an intermediate between us and our customers to offer them services such as renting and leasing, in order to lower the initial investment. We currently work with the following financing companies:

Technology partners

Product Partners

Training Partners