Added-value solutions

The Eyepea added-value solutions can be implemented on top of the Open Source platforms deployed by Eyepea as well as on top of most proprietary platforms such as Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Alcatel etc.


IBM Lotus Notes integration

Large companies using Lotus Notes and Sametime would like to integrate them with their VoIP telephony solution for obvious productivity reasons.

Eyepea partners with iscoord (, developer of a softphone and CTI pluging for Lotus Notes and Sametime.

Text-to-speech, speech recognition and speaker authentication

Call centers and service providers often need functionalities such as Text to Speech (TTS), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Speaker Authentication in order to deploy new services.

Eyepea partners with Loquendo (, leader in TTS and ASR in order to assist deploying such services.


Recording of calls can be critical for some enterprises, administration and definitely for contact centers. While our IP-PBX and IP-CC solutions include recording as a standard feature, advanced recording or mass recording requires dedicated platforms.

Our dedicated recording solutions (voice and screen recording) are perfect for applications such as call quality monitoring, transaction recording, security recordings etc.

Eyepea partners with Orecx (, Open Source leader in that field.

3G Video contact center

3G GSM phones are becoming predominant these days. Bringing 3G voice and video traffic to IP-PBX and IP-Contact Centers is an unstoppable trend.

The 3G platforms offered by Eyepea are based on Open Source components and integrate perfectly with any SIP-based IP-PBX and IP-Contact Centers. They allow our customers to build creative 3G-related services such as video contact centers.

Eyepea partners with i6Net ( for its 3G technology.

 Web and Instant Messaging integration

More and more companies have build websites in order to inform or do
business with their customers and prospects. But at some point, the web
proves to be inhuman and some live interaction is mandatory in order to
keep the lifeline with visitors. It is then the time to allow them to
contact to someone from your company through popular Instant Messaging
platforms such as GTalk or Skype. And for people who want to go the step
further and take direct calls from the web page

The IM and web communication platforms offered by Eyepea are based on
Open Source components and integrate perfectly with any SIP-based IP-PBX
and IP-Contact Centers.

Appointment geo-optimization

Call center
agents are often making appointments on behalf of field sales or
technical forces. Their challenge is to propose the most convenient
appointment to the customer in order to minimize travel.

The geo-optimization platform offered by Eyepea allows for more appointments while reducing travel costs.

Eyepea partners with Geoconcept (, leader in that field.