Custom VoIP solutions

Some of our customers have very specific requirements. Our engineering team can then work on highly customized software and hardware solutions. For that kind of project, we work most of the time in tight collaboration with our customer's engineering teams.

Custom software solutions

We develop applications that requires VoIP using programming languages such as C++, PHP, Java etc.

Some examples:

  • Complete platform for VoIP carrier (customer portal, billing, telecom platform etc.)
  • Platform for phone-based payments
  • Integration of a voice platform with an on-demand CRM/call center application
  • Voice-deposit platforms for marketing applications
  • Mass-notification platform to alert populations in case of emergency (seveso alert, nuclear incident etc.)
  • Individual notification platform that reminds appointments (hospital, doctor etc.)
  • On-duty systems that dispatch calls automatically to the person who is on-watch
  • Etc.

Custom hardware solutions

We can port VoIP applications to specific hardware platforms as required by our customers

Some examples:

  • Low-cost Linux appliances
  • Industrial servers
  • Hardware for hazardous environments
  • High constraints or military compliant hardware
  • Etc.