IP-Contact Center

Our IP-Contact Center solutions are based on Asterisk and provide you with flexibility and features far superior to any conventional platform. They open the door to a completely new world of flexible and cost-effective VoIP contact center solutions.

Maximum Functionality, Minimum Cost

Our IP-CC solutions have advanced features such as IVR, sophisticated call routing (skill-based, least activity etc.), campaign management, predictive dialling, call recording, call monitoring, real-time reporting, support for multiple companies on one platform, remote agents, web-based management etc. Ideal for medium to large organizations, our IP-CC solutions provide an unrivalled feature set only found on high-end platforms at a price to suit the cost conscious enterprise or administration.

Integration with Existing Business Applications

Since our IP-CC solutions are just another software application and are based on open bricks, integration with your Contact Center software, CRM, ERP, websites, directories and other IT platform becomes a straightforward exercise.


  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Richness of functionality
  • Integration possibilities


  • Call Center solution: Aheeva