e IP-PBX solutions we offer are based on Asterisk or sipX and provide flexibility and features far superior to any conventional PBX platform. They open the door to a completely new world of flexible and cost-effective VoIP communication solutions.

Maximum Functionality, Minimum Cost

Our IP-PBX have advanced features such as Unified Messaging (voice-mail, fax, email), IVR, multi-party conferencing, call recording, virtual fax, integration with instant messaging clients such as GTalk or Skype, support for multiple companies on one platform, remote extensions, reporting, web-based management etc. Ideal for small, medium or large organizations, our IP-PBX solutions provide an unrivalled feature set only found on high-end platforms at a price to suit the cost conscious enterprise or administration.

Integration with Existing Business Applications

Since our IP-PBX solutions are just another software application and are based on open bricks, integration with your CRM, ERP, websites, directories and other IT platform becomes a straightforward exercise.

We do the job WITH your IT team

Rather than doing the installation purely on our own, we work in collaboration with your IT team and involve its staff in the project. This gives them the autonomy to manage the IP-PBX platform by themselves.

No infrastructure disruption

Our approach is to integrate as much as possible with our customers' existing IT infrastructure. Our solutions run on standard server hardware (HP, Dell etc.) that are most of the time supplied by the customer. We also deploy in virtual server environments (VMware, KVM etc.). No appliances! We use the infrastructure our customers have invested in.



  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Richness of functionality
  • Integration possibilities


  • IP-PBX solution: XiVO

  • IP-PBX solution for large deployments: sipXecs